We are very pleased with the development of our Woodhouse Paws Arne. At the Retriever Club Christmas Show in Dezember he won the Jüngstenklasse Very Promising 1!
Emma was judged Excellent in the Open Class.
At the International Dog Show in Kassel/Germany in Dezember our lovely Emma won the Open Class EXC. 1 CAC (VDH)! She performed very well.
At the National Dog Show in Kassel/Germany in Dezember Emma is ranked third place in the Open Class.
We had a long show weekend at the International Dog Show Geneva in November. Emma was joined by her son Arne and both performed well.
Woodhouse Paws Arne "Aaron" won the Jüngstenklasse twice and became Jüngstensieger of the Labradors twice!! 
Emma was always judged Excellent ranked Ecxellent 4 once.